Owego, NY

Thank you for this information you have placed on here. I had been reading about the Susquehannock’s. I noticed that there were some indications that they have were decimated by diease and war and the last 22 were killed in PA by the Paxton boys. Article found in wikipedia: Susquehannock. I always wondered if this information was accurate or not. With all information pointing to there being none left. It certainly is a joy to know that their heritage is still out there. I lived along the Susquehanna River in Binghamton, NY area all my life. The town of Owego has a rich Indian history and as I recall there was an Indian village there or perhapse in Chenango Forks that housed a Susquehannock Indian princess. I would have to look it up again to refresh the exact details and tribe.

Thank you again on this site.

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  1. 1 Yanclae
    2010 Sep 23

    I will look into it as I live in Binghamton. But if I had a guess, it would be not far from the “Our Lady of the Transfiguration” Monastery, which is equidistant from the Susquehannock & the Delaware Rivers. Windsor, NY feels sacred to the Great Spirit & the Divine Feminine.


  2. 2 BrokenClaw
    2008 Oct 02

    When you read the Wikipedia article for the Susquehannock, you will notice that there are some sentences that are identical to my article here. Just so you know, I did not copy the Wikipedia… they copied me. Or, more precisely, someone copied my writing and put it in the Wikipedia.

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