Natives of the Susquehanna

The North Museum of Natural History and Science

The following description was excerpted from the museum website:

The North Museum explores the abundance of anthropological history along the Susquehanna River in the exhibit Natives of the Susquehanna. Eight new exhibit cases, hands-on interactives and a mural of the Susquehanna River immerse you in Lancaster County’s Native American history from the Paleo Indians of 10,000 years BC to the mighty Susquehannocks that inhabited Lancaster County until 1763.

The Archaeology collections contain over 120,000 pieces. It is the largest regional archaeology collection in existence. Much of this collection was acquired through digs supervised by former Museum Director, W. Fred Kinsey. This collection includes some of the oldest European trade goods in the Pennsylvania and the United States.

The North Museum of Natural History and Science is located on the campus of Franklin and Marshall College in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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