Native Lands Celebration

Saturday, October 17, 2009 Postponed: See Below

Klines Run Park, 3 miles south of Wrightsville, PA
on Long Level Rd. (Rt 624)
Opening Ceremony 10 a.m.

You are invited to join local Native Americans on Saturday, October 17, 2009, as they express their gratitude to the residents of York County for saving the last Susquehannock Indian village sites. A traditional gift-giving ceremony will open the event at 10 a.m. on the overlook area of Kline’s Run Park at Long Level, 3 miles south of Wrightsville, PA on Route 624 (Long Level Road).

From 11 a.m.- 3 p.m. the 3/4 mile walking trail across Native Lands County Park leading to the site of the last Susquehannock Village will be open for you to see and learn about the new park and the incredible history of the land and its peoples. Along the mowed trail that winds across the park’s meadow will be artifact displays, Native American craft demonstrations and dancing, and other displays relating to the rich story of the land.

Archaeologists will explain the site, and Native people will share children’s games and discuss life around the longhouse. You will be able to walk a Time Line of Man’s long presence on the site, watch a flint knapper making arrowheads, see actual artifacts from the area, and visit the adjacent¬† Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Area’s Visions of the Susquehanna River art collection at the John & Kathryn Zimmerman Center for Heritage at Historic Pleasant Garden, as well as enjoy views of the park’s plants, birds, animals and the natural beauty of the area.

There will be no refreshments available, so you are invited to bring your own picnic lunch and beverages and enjoy the parks’ grounds and the beautiful views of the Susquehanna River. Hiking the trail is strongly encouraged, but a shuttle bus will be available to the center of the park and the Zimmerman Center for those unable to walk the entire trail.

The event has been organized by the Lancaster-York Native Heritage Advisory Council with the assistance of York County Department of Parks and Recreation, Safe Harbor Water Power Corporation, the Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Area as well many other groups and individuals.

Contact:, (717) 578-1358

We regret to report that this event has been postponed for inclement weather. See Comment 3 for details.

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5 Responses

  1. 1 Dolores TwoWolvesDancing Cobb Phifer
    2009 Oct 30

    ‘Siyo/Hello Rick. Sorry, nothing definative has been planned yet. We are thinking about something next Spring… Spring is the time when we would head back to the Summer quarters where we grew our crops. For the Andaste/Miquon… the York (PA), Lancaster (PA), and Conowingo (MD) areas are where they headed each Spring. So, we are thinking that Springtime makes sense as we call you back home to the Spring/Summer time quarters of your ancestors. See ya then.

    Keep watching this site for future updates.

    Wado/Thanks. Dihiyu/Peace

  2. 2 Rick
    2009 Oct 18

    I wish the weather would of been better. I cant wait to come out a celebrate with everyone. Do you know when the new date will be?

  3. 3 Two Wolves Dancing
    2009 Oct 15

    Hello Friends,

    After a day of watching weather forecasts, consulting with Jerry and various other participants, etc., we’ve decided to postpone all Native Lands events planned for this weekend. A large part of the event was for us to be able to celebrate, and also to introduce the public to Native Lands. We could tough it out for ourselves, but we can’t expect the public to show up and we shouldn’t expect the Elders and others to have to endure what is predicted to be a rainy, cold weekend. We will plan for an alternative event as soon as possible. Any ideas?

    A few of us will be at Klines Run at 10 am Saturday to be there for those who may show up. Thank you for all of your efforts! Please encourage people to visit the park this fall — the guide to the Native Lands Heritage Trail will be available at the trailheads in Klines Run Park and the Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Area office beginning Saturday. We will have the chance to celebrate soon.

    Paul Nevin

  4. 4 Renee My Frande
    2009 Oct 10

    I hope to see many, many Andaste at the Native Lands dedication. Our ancesters made sure we would survive by hiding us with friends and amongst our enemies and we have survived but it’s time to let the world know we are still here. The genicidal plan of the British did not succeede. Help us all by being there if it’s possible.

  5. 5 Renee My Frande
    2009 Oct 06

    WOW! The number of emails found here from Andesta’s is just fabulous. I will be at the Indian Lands Park on October 17th, 2009. I hope that many of you can also be there. I’m really excited! It would be nice if they could give us a fire ring so we can light the sacred fire. The Susquehannocks are the greatest!!! My ancester’s predate the Conestoga so there were no Seneca’s in my line that I know of. You can reach me at my email address or you can try to call at 717-266-6985. I live in York County, PA and have already been to the park and welcomed our people and let them know we are still here.

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