Chiques Creek, Lancaster County

I really enjoyed reading your article on the Susquehannocks.  My grandfather, of Pennsylvania Dutch stock, used to take me on walked along the Chiques area near Columbia/Klinesville, and we would find lots of arrowheads and other things in the tilled soil of the farmland.  He knew a lot about the Susquehannocks–like your article said, stuff not taught to us in the local schools–but when he died I couldn’t find one book or anything where he got this knowledge.

I am currently writing a book that is a pictoral history of religion in Lancaster County.  (I’m a professor at Lebanon Valley College.)  I’d like to include something of the Susquehannocks.  The information you provide here will help point me where to go to find more information–specifically to Conestoga.  I thank you for this.

I am wondering if I could also have permission to use the photographs of one or both of the historical markers in Maryland.  I’m not sure if I can use them in the book, and the photos would be credited.  I would also include your website URL if they’re used.

Thanks for your time and for the great article.

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